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Automate your content management. Display and launch offers by using predictive programming based on the habits of your consumers. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, is able to anticipate the preferences of your consumers and adjust product promotions in real time.

Predictive programming

Role and user management

Unify the management of the different centers from a single central account and share your Content, Playlists or Calendars among the different accounts.

Define user roles and access to different functionalities so that they can manage their devices according to your business rules.

Account management


Publish your campaigns directly without the need to edit your schedule or playlists, simply by selecting your devices.

Define the duration intervals of your campaigns and select the way your content will be inserted in your channel.

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Add small applications to your device to display specific information and make it more attractive. They are great tools that make content dynamic and relevant to your audience.

QR Codes
Date and time

Smart Playlists

Create random loops of content without having to worry about updating them thanks to smart playlists.

Tag your new content and it will be automatically added instantly following the rules you have applied to your playlist.


Single Queue

  • Informs the customer of the next free cashier to be served.
  • Automate free cashierassignment processes integrated with your PR.
  • Empower your employees so they can give way to new customers from checkouts.
Single row
single row-1

Shift Manager

  • Automaticallyassigns customer service shifts.
  • Reports waiting times for each section in the different areas of the store.
  • Empower your employees by giving way to new shifts according to the flow of customers.
  • Create your shifts and manage them from a single tool.
Shift Manager
shift manager

Syncro / WOW effect

Increases impact and attraction x10 using simultaneous content and saves 40% of hardware cost versus conventional video walls.

Generate a WOW effect on your screens or groups of screens at any time, programmatically or randomly.

synchros WOW fx platform


More than 40% of shoppers say that the use of interactive content at the physical point of purchase influences their decision to buy a product.


Voice content launcher (Alexa)

Launch content by voice commands without the need for physical interaction.



Launch content simultaneously related to your products.


QR content launcher

Scan QR codes to display content and learn your audience's preferences.

  • Voice content launcher (Alexa): Launches content by voice commands without the need for physical interaction.

  • Comparator: Launches content associated with different objects simultaneously to show relevant information between different products.

  • QR content launcher:
    Launches content by scanning QR codes. Assign a playlist to each code and interact with your audience by giving them the content they need.

  • Scan & Learn: Scan your products and display relevant information to your customers to help them make decisions and improve the in-store experience.
QR content launcher
Scan & Learn
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