74% of restaurant customers consider digitalization to be their top decision-making priority.


of customer acquisition

through the combined use of dynamic outdoor and indoor menu boards.


increase in sales

with the use of digital menu boards and attractive content of your menu.


improving the customer experience

in your customers' decision making at the moment of consumption.

Solutions for your channels


Synchro WOW Effect

Increase impact and attraction using all your devices and save up to 40% on hardware and cable costs.

Dynamic Menu boards

Automate your prices and synchronize your offer with your database to have your menu updated instantly, without additional management.

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LED Headers

With this format you will be able to impact your audience at a greater distance thanks to its great luminosity and size.

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Smart scheduling

Launch your content through automated business rules based on specific factors or situations.

Drive Thru-1

Drive Thru

Improve decision making and lead times at any point in your business

Digital poster

Show suggestive dishes at street level or indoors, and segment your menu by time of consumption to capture the attention of your audience.

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POS Channel

Launch content at your POS to increase your average ticket through cross-selling

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Sales Dashboards

Show real-time data on the progress of your sales.

Order management

Generate and display special orders for workers/riders, segmenting the information related to the home delivery service of your orders.

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