Stimulates creativity, improves productivity

For Sales Agents

Get up-to-date information on your organization's sales progression and goals.

Integrate your content with different systems to maximize your sales and make changes automatically.

Synchronize your BI directly with Microsoft Power BI to show relevant content in the right place.

KPI Dashboards
ERP Integration
Power BI

For Digital Managers

Display updated information from different external sources integrated with your digital channel.

Integrate devices such as buttons or sensors to launch content and generate engagement with your audience at the physical point of sale.

Obtain data from your audience interactions to measure the efficiency of your in-store campaigns.

Dynamic content
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For Marketing Managers

Display your social networks on your devices to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize your communication.

Plan your campaigns in advance and set up your calendar by creating events for special dates in time. Link one or several devices to your calendar with a single click to launch your scheduling channels.

Instantly launch content on your channels and reduce scheduling times by selecting your devices with a single click.


Social media

For Human Resources

Give greater visibility to your organization's events and synchronize them with your calendar. Promote it to increase participation and engagement among different departments.

Give access and configure the permissions of your channels to department heads so they can participate and manage the internal communication of your company.

Share your content and digital resources with your organization or store managers. Inform them of the latest news and provide them with relevant content to communicate with their employees.

Calendar integrations
User management
Shared folders
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For IT Departments

Monitor and know the status of your devices, avoiding black screens and consulting their activity in real time.

Know the connectivity status history of your devices and set up notifications for IT managers.

Remotely launch updates to your entire fleet and other actions to check the status of your devices.

visualizacion players

For Operations Department

Configure and customize the resolution of your layout to the size you need for any device (LED, video walls, extendable screens, tablets...).

Increase the impact and attraction x10 using simultaneous content and save 40% of the hardware cost compared to conventional video walls.

Adjust your content to your device without the need for additional video editing. 

Layout editor
WoW Fx
Auto-adjustment of content
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