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than static signage and traditional media.



of effectiveness in the purchase action influenced by digital signage


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in your sales through the use of digital communication tools.

Solutions for your channels

Digital Poster

Show your digital brochure with your offers to your customers to generate attraction and traffic to your business. Generate dynamism and maximize your impressions in high traffic areas.

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LED Headers

With this format you will be able to impact your audience at a greater distance thanks to its great luminosity and size.

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Aisle banner

Launch your brochure in the points and segment by product type.

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Dynamic brochure

Synchronize your offers with your database and update the information automatically.

Shift manager

Displays the shifts for the fresh food areas (butcher, delicatessen, fishmonger, greengrocer, bakery...). In a traditional way with a physical ticket or from your cell phone.

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Scan n Learn

Scan your products and display relevant information to your customers to help them make decisions. Provide your salespeople with tools connected to your ERP and/or e-commerce and update your 
e-commerce and update your inventory in a centralized way in your consultation channels.

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POS Channel

Launch content at your POS to increase your average ticket through cross-selling

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Sales Dashboards

Show real-time data on the progress of your sales.

Single line

Optimize the flow of customers and your staff's time, avoiding confusion and providing a more agile experience.

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